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Micro Capillary ESR

Supplier: Jaytec Type: Pasteur- pipettes

Micro Capillary ESR

Micro capillary ESR provides results which correlate perfectly with the standard ESR, however they show the following distinct advantages:

1. Ease of Obtaining Specimens
From children, or from adults with poor veins or with such conditions as eczema or severe burns of the flexures the blood specimen is easier to obtain.

2. Time Saving and Convenient
It is quicker to set up a microtest than a standard ESR. The test is easily set up on a clinician's bench and the results are readily to hand without the patient having to attend the laboratory which avoids the subsequent delays involved. For the General Practitioner, this is particularly important as blood sent by post is unsuitable for ESR estimation.

3. Cost
The method costs a fraction of the standard ESR test.

Spirocap Glass Capillary Tubes

Bilbate Micro-ESR Kit


With the ESR capillary tube, take the citrate solution to the first mark by the capillary attraction.
Offer the tube to the wound and take the blood/citrate mixture to the second mark.
Turn the tube round - run the blood/citrate mixture to the non-filling end.
When the blood/citrate mixture reaches the end of the tube, insert into the sealing compound.
One end of the tube is sealed - gently roll the tube between finger and thumb to complete the mix of blood/citrate.
Finally, set up the tube in the lid of the box and use as instructed.

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