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Photometer AL15

Supplier: Aqualytic Type: Wateranalysis

Photometer AL15

Log crucial electro-chemical parameters covering drinking water, effluent, cooling water and boiler feed water with a single, hand-held measurement unit the new SensoDirect 150. The AL15 combines the features of several hand-held meters. It is designed for multipurpose operation and measures pH/Redox, dissolved oxygen and conductivity/TDS.

The AL15 incorporates an intuitive user interface, large, easy to read display and is supplied with a sturdy handy case with electrodes, buffer solution and accessories. Results can be measured with up to three electrodes and all at real value for money.

For the determination of :
- pH/Redox
- Conductivity/TDS/
- dissolved oxygen (O2)
O2 concentration in mg/l

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