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SWEAT ANALYZER SM-01 NEW with CL equivalent determination

Supplier: Sanasol Type: CFA

SWEAT ANALYZER SM-01 NEW with CL equivalent determination

With this new sweat analyzer, no manipulation needed. Use friendly for all kind of users, like hospital laboratory as well, private clinics and doctor's office.
Main cystic fibrosis patient's feature is high NaCl sweat concentration. Determining amoung of this concentration during sweat test, gives essential information to right diagnostic of cystic fibrosis desease. For those positive patients, life spectations could be increased if a correct and early diagnostic is made and treatment is done.

The test is made by 2 steps
1. Sweat stimulation by pilocarpine iontophoresis
2. Direct conductivity reading in a detachable skin electrode, with a sample as low as nul. Results can see inmediately on screen.

The development of the sweat examination has revolutionized the detection of the Cystic Fibrosis. The use of the sweat analyser doesn't require laboratory circumstances. The SM- 01 sweat analyser is a trustable screening device, can be equally used in consulting rooms, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics' ward. The screening examination consists of two parts.

In the first step the iontophoresis performed by Pilocarpine induces the getting to sweat, then in the second step with the help of measuring probe the generated sweat we catch up and we measure in closed system the NaCl concentration of the sweat. The result of the examination coming from the minimal (0.5 microl) sampling can be read down immediately from the displayer of the device.
Its handling is excessively easy within short time it can be easily learned.
The fixing of the sweat collector happens with rubbery strap. The sweat collector is also a measuring probe. They are disposable, but because of their low prices the cost of the examination is very favourable.

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