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UP-01 Ultrasonic nebulizer

Supplier: Sanasol Type: Nebulizer

UP-01 Ultrasonic nebulizer

High performance machine, primarily for usage in medical facilities, capable for continued humidifying

The greatest advantage of this equipment is that it will vaporize:
a small quantity of medicaments,
a great amount of medicament solution or physiological saline (max. 40 ml),
a permanent vaporization, connecting an infusion bottle to the equipment
using a vaporizer cup placed into the big glass.

The aerosol particles fall within the range of 5 microns (MMD) in diameter, which is the best size to penetrate into the airways. The vaporization performance and the air-flow are adjustable.

The vaporization is very economical. The equipment is easy to use, to clean and disinfect.

Main technical datas: Input voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal power: 50 VA
Vaporization performance: 0.1-5 ml/min
Frequency: 2,4 MHz
Particle size: 5 ┬Ám MMD

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