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UPT-01 Ultrasonic nebulizer

Supplier: Sanasol Type: Nebulizer

UPT-01 Ultrasonic nebulizer

High performance machine, primarily for usage in medical facilities. The time of treatment is adjustable. Capable for continued humidifying

The greatest advantage of this equipment is that it will vaporize:
a small quantity of medicaments,
a great amount of medicament solution or physiological saline (max. 40 ml),
a permanent vaporization, connecting an infusion bottle to the equipment
using a vaporizer cup placed into the big glass.

The aerosol particles fall within the range of 5 microns (MMD) in diameter, which is the best size to penetrate into the airways. The vaporization performance and the air-flow are adjustable. The instrument has two working method: continued and timed mode. Treatment time is variable in the timed mode.

The vaporization is very economical. The equipment is easy to use, to clean and disinfect.
Main technical datas:
Input voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal power: 50 VA
Vaporization performance: 0.1-5 ml/min
Frequency: 2,4 MHz
Particle size: 5 ┬Ám MMD
Timing: 6 steps; maximum 30min

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